The Cleanup Fund

The Fund shall be used solely for the purposes of cleaning and protecting the Anacostia River. Funds may be used for projects including, but not limited to:
  1. A public education campaign to educate residents, businesses, and tourists about the impact of trash on the District.s environmental health;
  2. Providing reusable carryout bags to District residents, with priority to assisting seniors and low-income residents;
  3. Creating youth-oriented water resource and water pollution educational campaigns for students at the District of Columbia public and charter schools;
  4. Monitoring and recording pollution indices for the Anacostia River;
  5. Preserving or enhancing water quality and fishery or wildlife habitat in the Anacostia River;
  6. Promoting conservation programs for the Anacostia River, including programs for wildlife and endangered species;
  7. Purchasing and installing equipment designed to minimize trash pollution reaching the Anacostia watershed, including trash traps, recycling containers, and covered trash receptacles;
  8. Restoring and enhancing wetlands and green infrastructure to protect the health of the Anacostia River and restore the aquatic and land resources of its watershed;
  9. Funding community cleanup events and other activities that reduce trash, such as increased litter collection;
  10. Funding a Circuit Rider Program with neighboring jurisdictions to focus river and tributary clean up efforts upstream;
  11. Supporting vocational and job training experiences in environmental and sustainable professions that enhance the health of the Anacostia River;
  12. Maintaining a public web site that educates District residents on the progress of Anacostia clean up efforts; and
  13. Paying for the administration of this program.